LumenRadio CRMX OEM modules

LumenRadio CRMX OEM modules

Wireless done right!

The world’s smallest DMX receiver chip on a tiny 26 x16mm OEM module.
LumenRadio wireless DMX OEM boards by Smartpark.
When wireless becomes more reliable than cables.

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Smartpark was asked to develop add-on boards for the CRMX chip. Due  its  big success Smartpark started a partnership with the manufacturer of CRMXchip, LumenRadio, and created the modular CRMX2C board.

Implementing the CRMXchip  directly on any circuit board (which is made of standard 2 layers/FR4/1.55mm material)  that controls your lighting fixture weakens internal impedance and therefor decreases signal quality extremely.

Our  OEM  modules  feature  a  50  Ohms  controlled  impedance  design  and  use  particular  pcb  materials  as  well  as  nonstandard pcb thicknesses and special platings for maximum signal quality.
Manufacturing your pcb with these materials and non-standard characteristics would lead to extremely high costs.

LumenRadio CRMXchip


… is the future of wireless DMX distribution – a wireless system that communicates reliably with perfect fidelity.
… is the most powerful wireless lighting control system on the market, with groundbreaking features to ensure unrivalled reliability.
… distributes DMX with full frame integrity and provides range and reliability that surpass all other systems available today.



  • SPI DMX window functionality.
  • Over the air upgrades of radio drivers.
  • Supports receiving CRMX, W-DMXTM G3, W-DMX G4 and W-DMX G4S.
  • Cognitive coexistence – dynamically avoids occupied frequencies.

LumenRadio CRMX2C OEM modules

Why using Smartpark’s OEM modules?

  • Easy to implement, tiny in size.
  • After assembly every single pcb is electronically and wirelessly tested.
  • 50 Ohms controlled impedance and low RF noise design – from the chip to the antenna (manufacturer proved).
  • Cost effective through own design, production and testing lines.
  • Made in Austria.


LumenRadio CRMX2C OEM modules